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South Lyon High Pompon

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Flyer for Athletic field sign!

South Lyon

Pom Pon Boosters 

Our 2007 South Lyon Fall Sport Season is underway!!  The South Lyon Pom Pon team is prepared for an exciting season in the “JUNGLE”.  We would like to ask for your support by offering you sponsorship opportunity by purchasing a field sign.


The very successful High School Football program draws an average of 3,000 plus spectators to each varsity, J.V. and Freshman home games.  As well as 20 Soccer games, multiple Band Competitions, 24 Panther Jr. Football games and all community events held at the High School Athletic Facility.  In fact more than 50,000 people attended events at the facility each year, and all field sign patrons are recognized at each Varsity game.  Your support gives the Pom Boosters the ability to assist the program in ways such as purchasing of equipment, camp, and team dinners.


Hopefully you will consider purchasing your field sign and help sponsor the South Lyon Pom Pon team.  Remember this is a great advertising opportunity, and a way to help encourage and enrich the athletic experience for the students.

If you have any questions please contact

Tracey Piscopo~ 248-486-5347



 {   }  New Sign                  {    } Renewal Sign


{  } Yes, we would like to purchase a Field Sign to

       sponsor the S.L. Pom Pon Team.

      (signs are 4’ X 8’ ~ the art work can be created by

       us or you can supply a logo and/or the art work

       specific to your company)


New Signs 4’ X 8’ including art Work ..............$600.00


Renewal Sign ............................................. $500.00


_________________________________________________                      Company Name


_________________________________________________                      Address




Phone Number _______________________________



Amount enclosed ____________


Please return the bottom portion with a check payable to South Lyon Pom Pon Boosters to:


                            S.L. Pom Boosters

                            C/O Tracey Piscopo

                            (248) 486-5347